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4 Easy Ways For Men's Fitness

Mens Fitness
Working out and following proper exercises is very essential for mens health especially because of the increasing risk of heart diseases in young males these days. If you do not feel like spinning your wheels or you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, you can do your workout at home. But it does not mean that you just hop on your treadmill and slog through monotonous and boring routine. If you want to stay back home for your exercise you should consider all expert tips in order to build endurance and burn as fatter as you can on your machine.


Start off by warming up on the machine you want to begin with for time period below 5 minutes, after which use speed control with the built-in monitor for heart rate to do following workout:
Begin with a minute at 85-90 percent of maximum heart rate. To estimate your max heart rate you can multiply 0.7 by your age and subtract the number from 207. Then recover for 2 minute duration at 55-65% of your maximum. That is 1 interval. Likewise do 8 intervals using the tips given here to accelerate gains. And if you find such a routine too tiring or difficult, you can do 6 instead of 8, 2 minute intervals at 70-80% of your maximum followed by 2 minute recoveries.

The Treadmill

A common mistake while using a treadmill a lot of people do is to run on an even ground. For a smart fix, try setting incline at 1-1.5%. Such slight elevation shall increase the fat burning potential and intensity of your workout. Plus it does not overload your leg muscles. It also reduces risk of injury caused by overstepping as it shortens your stride.

The Elliptical

Many people set the resistance very low and let the momentum do their work instead of doing it themselves by using legs to propel every step. It is a big mistake which does not make you achieve your goals for fitness. You should set resistance high. High enough to make you feel like you are pushing the ramp downwards. Though it is a workout with low impact, but it will help you in burning far more calories.

The Rowing Machine

A common mistake that people do while using a rowing machine is that they lift their upper body in order to initiate their strokes. The legs are primary movers on rowing machine. You should initiate drive with the legs, then pull handle towards your sternum. While on the recovery, you should keep your legs in a flat position until the handle goes past your knees.

The Stationary Bike

While working out on a stationary bike you should not keep sitting in your seat because it reduces the effect of your workout. During intense portion of every interval, increase resistance and then stand up in the same manner as if you are mountain biking uphill. It is a very effective cardio workout from the point of view of mens health because in this manner you will burn a lot more calories with total-body sweat session.