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Children Dentistry- Your Child's First Visit

Children Dentistry
Generally, according to the dentistry, it is recommended that your infant baby, by the age 1 year or within 6months after when his first tooth appears should be seen by the dentist. If there is a problem, the dentist can notice it rightaway.

Dental Visit- The First One

The first visit to the dental clinic is usually a short one involving a little treatment. Such a visit is an opportunity for your child to meet his dentist in a friendly manner with no threatening situation. Some dentists may allow the parent to hold the child and sit in the chair for examination with their child, while some may ask the parents to wait at the reception during the checkup so that the child can build a relationship with the dentist. During examination, the dentist shall check the existing teeth of your child for decay, examine the bite of your child, and also check for any problems which may potentially exist with the jaws, gums and oral tissues. And if required, the dentist cleans any teeth and also assess if there is need for fluoride. The dentist will also discuss the examination with the parents and educate them about proper oral care of their child. Usual topics that your dentist will discuss with you include:
  • Oral hygiene practices which are good for gums and teeth of your child
  • Cavity prevention
  • Fluoride needs
  • Oral habits (for example thumb sucking)
  • Developmental milestones
  • Teething
  • Proper nutrition
  • A schedule for dental checkup visits
Usually, dentists suggest visits every 6 month in order to monitor development of teeth of your child and also build a confidence level in child in visiting the clinic. Besides visiting a dentist, you should also take care of oral and dental healthcare basics for children.

Is There Any Difference Between Regular Dentist And A Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentistry has additional 2 year training beyond the dental school. Such additional training has its focus on treatment and development of developing teeth of children, their behavior, their development and physical growth, including all the special dentistry needs of the children. Although either kind of dentist is qualified to address the oral health care needs of your child, however, if your child needs special dental care, you should ask the dentist or the physician what they recommend for your child.

First Dental X-ray For Your Child

There are no definite rules as to when you should start getting x-rays for your child’s dental care. Some children, who have a higher rate for risks of dental problems, should have their dental x-rays taken on their dentist’s advice way earlier than the other children. Usually, most of the children, by the age 5-6 years, will have had their x-rays taken already. As your child begin to get adult teeth (around age of 6 years), the x-rays play a very important role in dentistry which helps your dentist in monitoring the growth of teeth and examine if the growth is normal in the jaws, if there are fluoride needs, and also check if the teeth are healthy and clean with proper oral care.