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Common Pregnancy Issues In Women

Common Pregnancy Issues In Women
One of the most discussed womens health issues are medical conditions during pregnancy. During pregnancy, along with some body changes, woman may also suffer some medical condition, some minor and some serious. It is always better to keep your mid-wife or doctor updated about your health.

Common Health Problems During Pregnancy

Some of the most common medical conditions suffered during pregnancy are:-
  • Morning Sickness- Morning sickness is pretty common during the early stage of pregnancy. Feeling of sickness without actually being sick, vomiting and nausea are often normal. In some cases this can go all day long, and lasts for days. According to experts and doctor, hormonal changes during first 12 weeks of pregnancy are responsible for morning sickness. Never ignore severe nausea and vomiting as it can get serious. Consult your mid-wife or doctor about your condition and follow their prescribed treatments and precautionary measures. Experts and doctors may advice you to have small and frequent meals, with high carbohydrate and low fat, like bread, pasta and rice. Have plenty of fluids, like water, frequently throughout the day in small amounts. Nausea can get worse because of tiredness; try to have plenty of rest.
  • Cramps- Cramps are also very common during pregnancy. Mostly at nights, you might feel a sudden and a sharp pain, in your feet or calf muscle mostly. Causes of cramps are unknown but still, as a preventive measure, doctors and experts recommend regular leg and ankle movement exercises.
  • Leaking Nipples- During pregnancy, some women may notice a fluid leaking from nipples. This leaking fluid is usually Colostrums. Colostrum is breast milk. To feed your baby, your breasts may start producing milk weeks or even months before your due date. Leakage of breast milk i.e. Colostrum during pregnancy is quite normal. But if you notice blood in the leaking fluid, consult your doctor right away.
  • Indigestion- It is also very common during pregnancy. Hormonal changes are partly responsible for this. In the later stages of pregnancy, your growing womb can also cause indigestion. Indigestion is not something to be worried about during pregnancy. In some mild indigestion cases, changes in diet and lifestyle can do the work but if indigestion gets severe, consult your doctor. Your doctor may prescribe some harm free medicines to ease up your symptoms. You can also try certain home remedies like including corn for digestion in your diet
  • Backaches- During pregnancy, ligaments in body becomes softer and stretch themselves to prepare your body for labor. This can put strain on pelvis and joints on lower back, causing backaches. During pregnancy, experts and doctors advice to have plenty of rest and avoid lifting up heavy objects and sitting with back well supported and straight. During pregnancy, experts also recommend to wear flat shoes only.
  • Pelvic Pain- During pregnancy, complains of pain over pelvic bone, pain across both or one side of lower back or pain between vagina and anus, are reported. This condition is known as pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain or PPGP. PPGP is caused by the stiffness or misalignment of pelvic joints, either at front or back of pelvis. Doctors and experts recommend physiotherapy. Exercises to improve pelvic joint’s stability and position and to improve your muscle function, are usually prescribed.
To ensure good womens health during pregnancy, include healthy vegetables that are rich in iron in your diet. It is always better to take precautionary measures, as prescribe by experts and doctors, and keep your doctor or mid-wife updated about your health during pregnancy. Also avoid all kinds of psychological causes of depression during a pregnancy.