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Coping With Your Child's Mental Illness

Coping With Your Child's Mental Illness
Your child needs full support by the family in such situations more than ever. Before being diagnosed with any mental health condition, the children and parents commonly experience the feelings of anger, helplessness and frustration. You can ask the kids mental health provider of your child for further advice on how you can change the way to interact with your kid and also how to handle the difficult behavior. Seek different ways for having fun and relaxing with your child. Praise the abilities and strengths of your child. Give them foods to help the kids focus like grapefruit, as it is the sour health booster. Explore new techniques for stress management, which may help you understand better how you can calmly respond to the stressful situations. Consider the family counseling or help of the support groups because it is very important that you understand the illness and feelings of your child and what you can do for helping the child.

What To Do If You Suspect A Mental Illness In Your Child

If you are concerned about the mental health of your child, consult the family doctor as soon as possible. This is a worrisome issue so you should address it and seek advice for it. Describe the behavior of your child that concerns you to the doctor. Consider talking to the teacher, loved ones or close friend, or other caregivers of your child to see if they have noticed any different changes in the behavior of your child. With the appropriate support, you may find if your child is suffering from any mental health condition or not and then you can explore the options for treatment so that the child can thrive.

How Can Mental Illness Be Diagnosed In Children

The mental health conditions are often diagnosed at an early stage in children. They can be treated based on the symptoms and signs and how that condition is affecting the daily life of the child. There is no such thing as a simple test to determine if there is something wrong with your child. For making a diagnosis, the doctor may recommend the evaluation of the child by a specialist, like a social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, behavioral therapist, psychiatric nurse or a mental health counselor. The mental health provider or doctor would work with the child for determining if he has a mental illness based on the criteria in Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the Mental Disorders (DSM). It is a guide which is published by American Psychiatric Association and it explains the symptoms and signs that mark the mental health conditions.

How Can Mental Illness Be Treated In Children

The most common options for treatment of mental illness in the children include:
  • Medication- A mental health provider or doctor may recommend certain medications to your child such as antidepressants, stimulants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers or anti-anxiety medications for treating the mental health condition.
  • Psychotherapy- It is also known as the behavioral or talk therapy and it addresses the concerns of kids mental health by talking to a mental health provider or a psychologist. During this therapy, a child may learn about his moods, condition, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Psychotherapy also helps the children in learning how to respond and react to the challenging situations with the healthy coping skills.