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Cosmetic Dentistry And Its Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry
From minor repairs to major changes, your family dentist, if he is certified, can do various procedures to enhance your smile. Dentistry provides many techniques to treat your chipped, missing or discolored teeth. The dentist can reshape teeth, restore short teeth, alter length of teeth and also close spaces between them. Usual procedures may include bonding, crowns, bleaching and contouring. Such treatments are not always only cosmetic, but these can help with your oral problems.

Who should be your cosmetic dentist?

To make sure that your dentist is a well skilled cosmetic dentist, AACD recommends that certain queries you should make before undergoing any treatment:
  • Before and after pictures- Such pictures will enable you to examine results of the other patients who were treated by the same dentist.
  • References-Whatever your source of references, they make you develop sense of quality of the care provided by that dentist.
  • Proof for continuing education-Be sure that such a dentist has taken a continuing education and courses for keeping him updated with all the latest procedures in cosmetic dentistry.
  • Your dentist also can answer all your questions you have in mind about procedures and techniques to improve your teeth and smile. Condition of teeth you have and the result you desire indicates the suitable procedure for you.

Selecting the right procedure for you:

If you have been considering a course of treatment for your teeth, you may ask a few questions from your dentist before you decide and choose a particular procedure.
  • What the changes will look like?
  • What should be expected during the period of treatment?
  • What kind of maintenance required after such procedure?


It is a popular and common chemical process which is used for removing teeth stains while some people just want a brighter white smile through bleaching. Bleaching can be done in the dentist’s office, or under his supervision, at home. Many people prefer bleaching at home as it is very convenient. The treatment starts when the dentist makes a custom mouthpiece for you with correct amount of the whitening solution. Usually it may take 2-4 weeks to get your desired shade of teeth.


It is a tooth-colored material which is used for filling the gaps or to change teeth color. It requires a single visit and lasts up to several years.


Also known as the caps, crowns are used to cover a tooth in order to restore its normal appearance and shape. Due to the cost of crowns, these are used in situations where other techniques and procedures would not be very effective.


These are actually thin pieces of plastic or porcelain which are placed over front teeth in order to change shape or color of teeth. Veneers are often used on teeth which are crooked, have uneven surfaces, or unevenly spaced. Anesthesia is not really compulsory for veneers.

Contouring and Reshaping

It refers to a procedure which is performed to correct the crooked or irregular shaped teeth. Veneers have significantly longer life than bonding. Your dentist will buff your tooth to compensate added thickness of veneer before custom-made veneer is cemented onto the tooth, and then use a light beam to harden it onto the tooth. Above mentioned procedures are basic procedures of dentistry, and any trained cosmetic dentist will perform it efficiently. If you think your child needs any of such treatments, it is always a good idea to consult a pediatric dentist for help.