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Cosmetic Surgery- Are You A Suitable Candidate?

Cosmetic Surgery- Are You A Suitable Candidate
Cosmetic surgery has great impacts on womens health, not just physically but also psychologically. You need to be very honest with yourself if you are interested in a cosmetic surgery. What you want from a surgery and what results do you expect from it? ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) define that ther are 2 categories of patients that are considered as good candidates for the surgery:
  • The first one includes the patients who have strong sense of self-image and are bothered by certain physical characteristic which they would like to change or improve.
  • Second category includes the patients who have certain cosmetic flaw or physical defect which has affected their self-esteem negatively over time.
It is essential to keep in mind that cosmetic surgeries can create both changes in the self-esteem of patient and their physical image. But in case you are seeking a cosmetic surgery hoping to influence someone else, you might be the one who ends up disappointed.

List Of ASPS Of The Inappropriate Candidates For Cosmetic Surgery

  • Patients in Crisis- patients who are facing crisis situations in their life like divorce, losing a job or death of their spouse are included in this list. It is because; such patients might be seeking a surgery to achieve goals which cannot be met by a change in appearance.
  • Patients having Unrealistic Expectations- women who have more than ordinary expectations from a surgery, like some women who insist on getting a nose like their favorite celebrity with a hope that they might acquire similar lifestyle of a celebrity; or patients who want a surgery because they wish to look youthful as they looked many decades past.
  • Impossible-to-please patient- these are such patients who keep on going through consultations with surgeons seeking the answers which they want to listen. These patients wish to have a cure for a problem which is primarily not, or at times, not at all physical.
  • Patients who have an obsession with a minor defect- Such patients are always in search of perfection, as they may believe that if they get their defect fixed, their life will become perfect. To become a suitable candidate for surgery, all they need to do is to understand realistically the results of surgery which might not match their goals.
  • Patients with mental illness- such women who exhibit paranoid or delusional behavior may also become the poor candidate for cosmetic surgery. A surgeon can suggest to get treatment of mental illness done first or work with the psychiatrist of patient for such surgeries if it is obvious that the goals of patient for surgery aren't at all related to psychosis.


It is your job to know all about the procedure and the qualification of the doctor who is going to perform your surgery. Ask relevant questions in order to get the correct treatment, such questions may include the information about license and experience along with the credentials of the doctor you are consulting with, equipments and monitoring devices used during surgery, risks of the surgery and possible results of the surgery.
Changes resulting from the cosmetic surgeries are often permanent and dramatic. Such may have a great influence on your personality post surgery. So, you should make sure that you have correct understanding about the procedure and especially its results way before you schedule it. Cosmetic surgery has the ability to affect womens health positively as it boosts their self-esteem through changes.