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Effects Of Fast Food On Kids

Fast Food On Kids
Fast foods are the most popular range of food available today. They are easily prepared meals which gained popularity with rise of the extremely hectic modern lifestyle. The busy work schedules while managing the personal and work life at the same time has actually increased the amount of fast food in our diets. Family dinners with home-cooked meals are just seen on the weekends now whereas the weekdays are somehow managed with wraps and rolls, sandwiches or burgers. But there is a dark side to the excess consumption of fast food too which makes you think it would be better if you raise your children as vegetarians . Fast food is harmful for everyone but when it comes to kids health, we should control their consumption at an early age to avoid future harmful diseases.

What Is Fast Food?

Fast foods can be healthy meals, depending upon the resourcefulness and ingenuity of the cook. The term has, however, become almost synonymous in the recent times with fast food, which is appealing only to the palate. Fast foods today have little or zero nutritional value and are loaded with unhealthy calories. While the healthy fast foods like soy burgers or salads are highly recommended for wholesome daily diets, the unhealthy fast foods like aerated drinks, commercially sold burgers, candies and pastries are really harmful for children’s health and they should be consumed by them in moderation. We can somehow control the amount of fast food consumed by adults but the appetite and taste of children is notoriously tough to control. The appetite of children can be affected severely by the continual consumption of the fast foods. Calorie-filled unhealthy foods lead to the problem of obesity in children which further abets and aids several more serious diseases.

Chances Of Obesity In Kids Due To Fast Food

Obesity promotes sedentary lifestyle passively as an obese child cannot participate as intensely in the physical activities as a healthy one can. Lack of regular physical exercise further increases the problem of obesity and increases the risk of the type 2 diabetes. Try to include healthy foods in daily diet to help the kids focus better and fight obesity in a much healthy way.

Lack Of Green Vegetables In Daily Diet Of The Kids

The total absence of the fresh fruits and leafy vegetables in the fast food causes deficiency of the micro-nutrient and macro-nutrient supplements in human body. In return, this damages the immune system of the body and leaves the child susceptible to several ailments and diseases.

Deficiency Of Iron In Daily Diet Of The Kids

Vegetables and fruits supply energy and vital nutrients, which are required for the development of children’s bodies. Iron deficiency may also lead to anemia, which when combined with saturated fats and overload of the complex sugars found in the fast foods, can lead to an overall weakness and a habitually lethargic child.

Harmful Effects Of Fast Food On Kids

  • Aerated drinks like sodas and junk foods increase levels of the blood sugar. This increases the risk of acquiring the harmful type 2 diabetes. The type 2 diabetes is harmful for the children as it increases the risk of heart diseases and significantly contributes to kidney damage as well as the risk of dementia.
  • The levels of cholesterol increases in the blood due to saturated fats. Cholesterol is the main reason behind several heart problems and it may also cause cardiac disorders.
  • Excess amount of salts is often found in the fast food. Although it imparts a spicy mouth-watering flavor but an excess amount of potassium or sodium is the main cause for increased blood pressure. The disorders related to blood pressure may have severe inhibitory effects on a child’s life.
  • The artificial spicy taste in the fast food is very addictive. Children who are used to fast food may face trouble in adjusting the palate to relatively healthy food.
  • The deficiency of calcium in the fast food damages the nails, bones, teeth and the overall kids health. Calcium deficiency reduces the bone density and increases the risk of tooth decay and skeletal damage.
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