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Exercises For Kids

Exercises For Kids
Most of the kids have puppy fat which decreases gradually as they start growing older but this does not happen with every kid. 50% of the overweight kids face the problems of being overweight when they grow up as an adult. They face a lot of challenges from childhood and feel fed up and tired of being called the chubby or fat kids. Over weight kids often face difficulty in finding the exact size of clothing too. They might look for a small size being a kid, but because of the weight, medium and large sizes fit them more appropriately. Later begin the crash diet rounds, which may also cause severe untold damage when it comes to health care. If you have a kid who looks like a little overweight, it is time for you to pay attention to this matter and make sure that he is not suffering from any eating disorders. If you do not want to put your kid through all the embarrassment and health issues, help your kid to get started with an exercise program today.

Aerobic Exercises

The aerobic exercises are very helpful whenever you are trying to lose some extra pounds. The reason is that they increase your heartbeat gradually as you exercise. It involves continuous activities over an extended time period. Aerobic activities are basically the fat burning activities and when it comes to kids, you can engage them in the following few activities:
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Basketball

How Does Aerobic Exercises Burn Fat

Aerobic exercise increases the heart rate and it results in the increased oxygen. The increased oxygen combines in the body with fatty acids and then burns it away. A kid just needs half an hour approximately of any aerobic activity three times a week. If your kid is overweight, he might need to exercise a bit more than all his slimmer friends. The aerobic exercises also increase the metabolism level which means that the kid would be burning more fat even when he is resting.

Anaerobic Exercises

These exercises involve small bursts of the strenuous exercises, followed by short periods of rest. The anaerobic activities are the muscle building activities. The fat is not directly targeted or burned, but such activities help in converting the fat into muscles. The anaerobic exercises include:
  • Pull-ups and push-ups
  • Weights
  • Stomach crunches


The first and foremost rule before starting or finishing any kind of exercise is to do some stretches. This rule not just applies to adults but also to kids. Stretches warm the body up and help in preventing the injuries like ligament tears and muscle pulls. They increase the flexibility of the body as well. Keep in mind that stretching should be done in a slow manner. Hold on for a minute while you stretch and then return to the normal position. You can help your kid out while stretching and make him understand the importance of stretching before or after any exercise. Some of the common stretches are:
  • Stretching the ligaments by leaning a bit forward on a knee and then stretching other leg behind you straight.
  • Neck rotation
  • Touching the toes without bending the knees
  • Arm rotation
  • Bending forwards and backwards with the hands on the hips
  • Waist rotation

Safety Equipment For Kids

Before you let your kids start with any of the exercises, you must make sure that they are using all the safety equipments for their health care. If they are cycling, provide them a good helmet, elbow and knee pads. If your kid is swimming, get him a good pair of goggles. Always remember, it is better to stay protected from all the possible injuries.

Only the parents are responsible for ensuring a healthy balance in children's diet.