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Health Tips For Men

Health Tips For Men
Everyone wants to have a healthy body; be it a man or a woman. The fact is that our ability and our health for living longer and staying strong are not only a matter of the luck or our genes. When it comes to mens health, you can follow a few simple steps for supporting your future, your family and health:

Eating Healthy Foods

nutritious foods may lower the risk of several diseases and give you energy. Focus on vegetables and fruits, fat free or low fat milk, whole grains products. Make sure that you get all the healthy nutrition.

Take Potent Mineral Supplement And Daily Multivitamin

There are no substitutes for good diet but for the optimal nutrition, men need to take high-potency mineral and multivitamin supplements. Even if you think you are eating healthy foods, it is unlikely that the food contains all required nutrients. Poor soil quality, cooking, processing and storage deplete our foods of minerals and vitamins. Taking high quality supplements are ‘health insurance’ against all the possible deficiencies.

Include The Weight Training In Exercise Routine

The greatest exercise for cardiovascular conditioning is Aerobic, but it is vastly inferior to the weight training when it comes to attack the ‘flab factor’. Research has now shown that even exercising once in a week can also improve the muscle strength. The laziest and busiest of a person can at least find time for resistance exercise only once a week. You can consult a good personal trainer and join a gym too.

Maintaining The Optimal Weight

The current statistics show that most of us are actually losing the bulge battle, but maintaining healthy weight is among the many favors that you can give yourself. You would feel better, look better and reduce risk of the heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other serious killers.

Protect your Prostate

The prostate gland starts a growth spurt when you reach 40 that often results in the symptoms like frequent nighttime urination. This condition is called the ‘benign prostatic hyperplasia’ and it can actually be reversed or prevented by taking the extracts of 2 herbs: Serenoa Repens (Saw Palmetto) and Pygeum Africanum (Pygeum).Several studies have proved that these herbs help in improving the urinary flow without any adverse side-effects.

Drink Alcohol In Moderation

You have probably heard that drinking wine may protect you against the heart disease. Studies have revealed that drinking all kinds of alcohol in moderate amounts protects not just against the heart disease, but it also lowers the risk of death. But remember, moderation is the only key. One or two drinks everyday is just fine but excess consumption of alcohol is devastating to your health. Men who are older than 65 years should not drink more than 1 drink in a day.

Reduce Risk Of The Prostate Cancer

Experts suggest that around 80% of all the cancers can actually be prevented by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Avoid trans and saturated fats, which might fuel the prostate cancer growth. Incorporate protective foods in your diet like green tea, tomatoes and soy. In addition to this, make sure that your nutritional supplement daily contains high dose of antioxidant selenium and vitamin E, which have been proved to lower risk of the prostate cancer dramatically in mens health. Also, if your doctor suggests, get your PSA test done as soon as possible.