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Health Of Women- Staying Fit Over 50

Staying Fit Over 50
Staying fit and healthy over the age of 50 is very essential for womens health. If you have been someone who has been a regular when it comes to exercise then you are at an advantage as you can just continue with what you have been doing. But if you did not exercise regularly, then it is not too late that you start looking out for your health now. Most of the difficulties of aging link directly to inactive lifestyles. And while the chronological age can be 55, the biological age could be 35, that is, if you consistently follow an exercise program.
For women over the age of 50, physical activity on regular basis may help in taming some symptoms of the menopause- joint pain, hot flashes, depression, sleep problems and anxiety. Exercise also reduces the osteoporosis, diabetes risk, and heart disease risk; helps in controlling the weight by melting the belly fat. The effects of exercising are so intense that it highly influences the physiological system in your body. If you are above the age of 40, or if you have the risk factors for heart diseases (high blood pressure, smoking, family history, diabetes, or high cholesterol), it is very essential that you consult with a doctor before proceeding any further.

Basic Tips For Exercise

A complete program for fitness must include muscle strength conditioning, stretching for flexibility, and aerobic exercise.
  • Muscle strength training- Lifting the hand weights improve your posture and strength, reduce the lower back injuries, and help you to get toned as well. Start with a weight that you could handle for eight repetitions comfortably. Add more repetitions gradually until you complete at least twelve.
  • Stretching for flexibility- The stretching exercises help in maintaining range of the motion in your joints and flexibility. They reduce risk of muscle soreness and injury as well. Pilates and Yoga are some excellent forms of the stretching exercise as they increase stability and build the bore body strength.
  • Aerobic exercise- Dance-exercise, jogging and walking are considered as food forms of the aerobic exercise as they work the muscles in the body which not only benefits your weight but also your cardiovascular system. Try to get 20 minutes or more per session for at least three to four days every week.

Find More Reasons To Exercise

Every bit of the movement counts towards exercise, so move just a little. If you think you are too busy to join a fitness program or to do a regular workout, look for some opportunities around you for staying in motion. Research has shown that several health benefits come with all those steps you take in a day’s time. Some more ‘moving’ ideas and fitness tips for you:
  • Adopt a dog. Take it for a walk every day.
  • If you work, get up from your chair and talk with your co-workers, rather than just sending emails. If you wish to hold a meeting with your workmates; go out and make it more like a walking meeting.
  • Take the stairs in your office or apartment instead of elevator.
  • Do not shout up your stairs at home; go up and do the work.
  • Find an activity, game, or a sport that you enjoy.
  • Whenever you find time, walk briskly.
When you cross the age of 50, you must take very good care of your health too. Remember to adopt measures to reduce risk of heart diseases. Drink water like fish, eat whole grains and eat fresh vegetables as all this diet is great for womens health. Remember to minimize junk food and fast food from your diet. and do not be afraid of a mammogram if your doctor suggests to get it done.