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How To Choose School Of Dentistry

School Of Dentistry
Considering the importance of family dentistry, when people start looking for best dental schools, they make individualized choices typically based on grades, availability, what kind of a program they wish to pursue, and where they wish to live. There are several schools for dentistry worldwide, and each of them has different requirements when it comes to admission. The first thing that people need to look for is the fact that these schools are actually accredited by the regional boards; whatever necessary. Attending dental school without any accreditation can mean it is highly impossible unlikely to get a license, let alone practicing dentistry. The supposedly best schools of dentistry are based often on the choices in instructions, reputation and the opportunities for practice. The best dental school having an excellent good reputation picks and chooses among the eligible candidates from around the world, which still leaves a few students if they do not have the test scores or impeccable grades or if they have not attended a well known, 4-year university. While it may bother some of the people if they cannot make it to the top ten schools, there are still plenty of excellent schools of dentistry that are not as renowned. Some individuals are advised to fill out just one application to the school that is too far from the reach academically.

Ask Just The Right Questions

If you are looking for the right school of dentistry, then you need to ask right questions. It is the only way that you can select the best school for you. Start by imagining yourself in the city and school. You will be there for four years at least. Consider type of experiences as well that you wish to have while being there, think about the costs and how you would be paying for all of it. Following are just a few questions that you should ask the school of dentistry while narrowing down the choices:
  • What are the specialty programs that are available?
  • What is the size of the class, on an average?
  • What is the ratio of student-to-faculty?
  • What is the system of grading? Is it fail/pass or the letter grades are issued?
  • What is the culture of the school is like?
  • Can you outline all expenses and the expected tuition fees?
  • Are the classes year round?
  • Is the funding of research available?
  • Describe clinical experiences- what kind of the patients are served and when do they actually begin?
  • What exams by the regional board are taken by the students?
  • Does the dentistry school use the emerging technology?
  • What is the policy of school on the participation of outside activities of the organization like ASDA?
  • Will there be any classes with the medical students?

Talk To The Experienced Dentists

Ask the family members and friends for contacts who are in practice for a while. Contact the dental students who are done with their first year of dentistry or studying in their second year and ask for their perspective. Especially if you are interested in pediatric dentistry, talk to a dentist who has experience in dealing with children. You can also:
  • Set up the shadow days at the local practices
  • Conduct phone interviews
  • Volunteer
  • Attend organized events of dentistry like National Leadership Conference or ASDA’s Annual Session