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How To Combat The Fear Of Mammogram

How To Combat The Fear Of Mammogram
Breast cancer is one of the biggest risks to womens health. Mammograms do not really prevent breast cancer in women, but they can help in saving lives by finding the breast cancer at its earliest stage. Mammograms lower risk of dying by 35% from breast cancer in the women over 50 years of age. In women between the ages of 40 to 50, risk reduction seems to be less. Often women are scared of mammograms whereas they should be more scared of this fatal health problem. Following are a few things that you should know about mammograms and how they can be helpful in saving many precious lives:

Life Savers

Finding breast cancer at early stage reduces risk of dying by 25% to 35% or even more. Women need to have mammograms at least once a year when they reach the age of 40. Mammograms can be done before this age too if you think you are at high risk. Check out how you can reduce the risk of cancer with Radish

Do Not Be Afraid

It is quite a fast procedure of around 20 minutes. The discomfort during this procedure is minimal for almost every women. It is very safe as there is just a tiny amount of the radiation exposure involved. For relieving the waiting anxiety of results, you can go to the center that would give the results right before you leave.

Get Your Hands On The Best Quality

If you are under the age of 50 or have dense breasts, it is better that you go for a digital mammogram. Digital mammograms are recorded onto the computers so that the doctors can easily enlarge certain sections for having a closer look at them.

Most Powerful Tool For Breast Cancer Detection

Mammograms can miss 20% of the breast cancers but still they are the most powerful tool for detection. Other important tools should and can also be used as the complementary tools like clinical breast exam, breast self-exam, and MRI or an ultrasound but there exist no such replacements or substitutes for a mammogram.

An Unusual Result Does Not Mean You Have Cancer

According to American Cancer Society, around 10% of women, who have mammogram, would require most tests. Just 8% to 10% of such women would need biopsies, and around 80% of the biopsies would turn out negative for the breast cancer. It is absolutely normal to get worried if you are called again for more testing. Try not to think the worst until more information is known. To be on a safe side include fish like mackerel in your diet as mackerel prevents cancer.

Myths Related To Mammogram

There are several myths about mammogram which are often seen on the internet or heard on the TV. The biggest myth related to mammograms is that its pressure on malignant tumor can actually break it open, causing it to metastasize. In reality, there is no evidence at all for this claim. As a matter of fact, not exerting the enough compression during mammogram or not getting mammogram at all would increase risk of delayed diagnosis. It can result in a much higher risk of the metastatic disease which is not good for womens health. That is why it is highly recommended to get a mammogram done every year. For utmost satisfaction, you can also have various radiologists read your case reports. Get a mammogram done when needed and include vegetables in your diet. Besides doing so you can ensure protection from cancer with pomegranates and other fruits also.