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How To Induce Periods

How to induce periods
Regularity of menstrual cycle is very important for women's health. It typically lasts 28 days. The period, a commonly used term for menstruation, actually is shedding of lining of uterus. Most of the women experience regular period, while some may experience heavy or irregular periods. A slight delay in period is not essentially one among signs of female infertility. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the most common reason for such irregular, delayed or non appearance of period at all. Women may use various ways in order to induce period or to control the occurrence of period. Here you can explore few of the methods which you can use to induce menstruation:

Birth Control Pills

Using such pills is an easy way for you to regulate your menstrual cycle and induce period. Such pills contain the man-made hormones which regulate your body’s natural progesterone and estrogen levels and also reduce androgen levels. Usually, women under the age 35 years are prescribed birth control pills. The pills for birth control improve your hair growth and also benefit you if you have acne problems.


Emmenagogues are the herbs which aid in naturally inducing menstruation. If your period cycle is irregular or delayed due to stress or hormonal imbalance, ginger and parsley are two examples of such herbs which can be used as they both stimulate uterus to contract. All you have to do is to drink 2 cups of ginger or parsley tea a day, but it is suggested to use parsley tea instead of ginger tea because it has no side effects. You can also consume primrose oil to induce menstruation which is also a natural remedy.

Vitamin C

Using vitamin C’s high doses can also aid in inducing the period. Although it is one viable option, but some people may experience side effects like severe diarrhea and kidney stones. So, to limit such side effects you need to take lots of water while consuming Vitamin C.

Food Items

Certain fruits like papaya, king of fruits mango and pineapple are known as period inducers. It may be noticed that drinking two doses of papaya juice approximately up to 500gms in total is sufficient enough to induce the period. Also, honey is a great idea, taking 1 tablespoon honey mixed in warm water helps a lot of women to induce period.

Weight Loss

Being overweight can be a major cause of irregular period. So, an obvious way in which you can regulate your period is to lose the excess weight. But it should be remembered that your ultimate goal should be maintaining a healthy weight because losing too much of weight may also interfere negatively with your menstrual cycle.


Physical exercise is a good and safe idea to induce period. Approximately half an hour of aerobics can aid in inducing your period naturally. In addition, certain abdominal exercises such as sit-ups may also help some women.

Stress Reduction

Before going for other remedies, if stress is causing you a delayed period, you should try relaxation measures like hot water bath which is both relaxing and period inducing. Also, application of hot compress to stomach may be helpful for you. Stress is a cause of many other problems related to women's health; it should be tackled right away to be safe and healthy.