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Legal Addictions List- Addictions That Are Officially Allowed

Addictions List
People have different things that they are addicted too; some are unhealthy for them, some are just plain crazy. But there are a few addictions that are legally allowed for everyone. Following is an addictions list containing all the things that are officially allowed by the concerned authorities although they are not very good for you in one way or the other.


Compulsive shopping can keep our economy churning if afflicted member is actually a responsible owner of his credit card. A person who swipes his credit card frequently will live in debt all the time with nothing but flat-screen TVs and other expensive items just for the sake of owning them. The government, however, encourages spending at the inadvisable times because of the sales tax revenue of course. A compulsive shopper needs counseling more than the trips to the shopping malls to make it right.


Visual stimulation is as addictive as the other addictions. Try cutting off a TV addict’s cable subscription for a day and watch how an old, sweet and soft spoken person becomes a common junkie who suffers from the uncontrollable behavior and violent withdrawal symptoms. Television is a stream of an unlimited entertainment that simulates life that one may be completely missing out on. Paying the monthly bill can kill the loneliness and other stressful situations for people who are TV addicts.

Fast Food

Fattening, greasy food is ubiquitous and cheap. It can be literally acquired 24/7 at every intersection. Obesity is easy; as a matter of fact, it is hard to avoid fast food since healthy food now costs much more than an average consumer having weekly paychecks can afford. Often with the artificial substitutes, fast food is prepared cheap, hence it is sold cheap. Fast food is not only an addiction but the greatest reason for obesity in America and the rest of the world.


Alcohol, despite being the worst among the other addictions, is steadily legal since the twenties. Alcohol is available usually at all the public settings for purchase, that too, without much restraint. As long as the cash register keeps chiming, the alcohol is not considered an addiction or unhealthy for health. Even after the proven hazards of alcohol that outweighs those of marijuana, it still maintains a legal status that the plant really does not. Click here to find out about the impact of alcohol addictions on health.


Smoking cigarettes is a common addiction. The governments around the world have done nothing to deal with this unhealthy consumable poison which is a direct contributor, unarguably to smorgasbord of the death options. Sure, the manufacturers print a line saying that it is injurious to health, but that does not really affect people in any way and does not stop them from smoking. People addicted to smoking have serious health problems and they face a hard time in quitting it.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are the most brutal of all addiction-caterers where you are not safe even from your own doctors. Some doctors find ways to peddle certain pharmaceutical drugs to their patients with some type real or imaginary conditions; it makes their wok easier, and also feeds the business that cuts a check for them to be drug-dealers in disguise. After all, most of the prescription drugs are just some synthetic alternatives to impure, unrefined substances actually flow through the markets without requiring any RX slip. And with the new diseases, conditions and disorders that are fabricated on almost daily basis, there would a demand for meeting raid-proof supply always. This is the worst kind of an addiction in the addictions list.
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