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List Of 10 Common Addictions

Common Addictions

There are a few activities and substances that an individual can become easily addicted to. They are things that are available around us and within our reach at all times. Let’s have a look at the following list of the most common addictions:

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol, a legal substance for the adults, is readily available to use. Excessive or prolonged use may lead to a serious problem with addiction. If the alcohol is used in relatively smaller amounts, it can still impair the ability of an individual for safely driving a motor vehicle and it is one factor in the crimes that involves violence.

Drug Addiction

It includes both legal drugs and illegal substances. The problem with drug addiction is the same and connected to whether the wanted drugs are readily available by the prescription or not.


Smokers are not technically addicted to cigarettes; rather they are addicted to the nicotine cigarettes contain. The highly addictive substance in nicotine is the only reason why smokers have such a hard time to give up this addiction.


People often enjoy participating in the games of chance in the hope of winning money. When this habit turns into a compulsive activity and the player continues to play, despite keeping the fact in mind that gambling would create problems, it shows that the individual has got an addiction of gambling.

Food Addiction

Eating should normally be an enjoyable and fun experience as food is required by everyone to survive. But when it comes to food addiction, a food addict fails to control her or his eating during some times and uses the food to deal with the feelings of depression.

Video Games

Video game addicts play the games to such an extent that the games intrude their life. The video games where players assume that they are the ones playing the character in the games are the most addictive ones.

Internet Addiction

Internet is an amazing resource. People read blogs and news, look for information and virtually interact with thousands of people around the world. One can shop online and manage the bank activities online as well. But sometimes, the excessive use of internet turns into an internet addiction when the individual stays online at all times. Internet addicts feel upset or anxious when they are unable to use internet. This shows that they have developed an addiction of internet.

Sex Addiction

Addiction to sex actually has no connection whatsoever with the sex drive. While it is perfectly normal to have an interest in sexual activities, an individual with sex addiction engages in the risky and abnormal sexual behaviors for feeling their compulsion. They can visit prostitutes, pick up complete strangers from the road to get physical, have affairs and one-night stands, expose themselves or look in the windows just to satisfy their body urges.


Compulsive shopping is a too-real problem for some people. They use shopping to deal with the emotional problems in lives. Addiction of excessive shopping often lead to relationship issues with partners and serious financial problems.

Work Addiction

People admire hard work but it is a serious problem when it becomes an obsession. If a person cannot stop working and he thinks about work all the time, it is not wise to think of it as a dedication towards work. The obsession with work is among the most common addictions around the world.