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Men's And Health- Benefits Of Quitting Smoke

Mens and health
Smoking is injurious for mens health, but how exactly does quitting it make life better? Following are a few examples as how your health would improve when you quit smoking.

Better Sex Life

Quitting the habit of smoking improves the blood flow of your body, and so improves the sensitivity. Those who stop smoking may experience better erections. It has also been observed that the non-smokers are 3 times more appealing as compared to the smokers to prospective partners. One of the reasons could be a fresh smell that non-smokers have.

Smoking And Fertility

Smoking also affects fertility of men. And quitting the cigarettes can boost up your fertility, which is an also a major reason why you should stop smoking. Males who smoke are at a higher risk for the below listed male fertility problems:
  • Sperm motility problems and lower sperm count
  • Hormonal issues
  • Erectile dysfunction- Problems with maintaining or getting an erection
So if you are looking forward to have children, quitting the cigarettes would be very beneficial for you and your partner as the sooner you stop smoking the sooner your partner may conceive.

Younger Looking Skin

It has been researched that quitting the habit of smoking slows down the facial aging and also delays appearance of the wrinkles. This happens because skin of non-smoking people get more nutrients plus oxygen, and also can reverse the lined complexion which the smokers usually have.

Whiter Teeth

Another advantage of quitting the smoking is that you may get whiter shades of teeth since using tobacco makes your teeth become stained. Plus, you will also have a fresher breath. Those who quit smoking are less likely to suffer from gum diseases than those who continue smoking and risk their teeth and gums for permanent damages.

Better Breathing

Those who quit smoking breathe better and suffer lesser coughing problems after giving up the cigarettes because their capacity of lungs is likely to improve by 10% within a period of nine months. At an age between 20s and 30s, effect of smoking may not be much noticeable on your lungs until you go out for running, but lung capacity, does diminish with age.

Longer Life

People who quit smoking tend to have a longer life than those who don’t quit. Diseases like lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and other heart related problems shorten your life when you are a smoker. Approximately, if you quit smoking by the age of 30, you are likely to add 10 years to your life.

Less Stress

According to scientific researches, stress level also decreases once a person quits smoking. Also, improved levels of the oxygen in body indicate that such ex-smokers have better ability to concentrate and an increased mental health.

Improved Taste And Smell

Quitting the habit of smoking also gives a boost to your senses of taste and smell. And it happens due to the recovery of your body which is being dulled by hundreds harmful and toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

More Energy

Within a period of 2-12 weeks of quitting smoking, you will find all physical activities including running and walking around much easier because your blood circulation is improved by quitting. Inclusion of fruits in diet like bananas are particularly helpful in quitting smoking and increasing energy.

Healthier Loved Ones

By quitting the smoking habit, you are not only protecting yourself from risk of diseases but also you protect your family and friends who may get ill due to inhaling the smoke of your cigarettes. So in order to improve mens health along with their loved ones, smoking habits should be thrown out of the windows.