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Mental Health America- Factors Leading To Mental Illness

Mental Health America
Nowadays, improvement in mental health has become one of the top most priorities of the U.S government. A number of researches and studies conducted by experts showed that 1 among every 5 Americans suffer from some kind of mental disorders. A recently conducted survey showed that approximately 26.2% of the Americans (aged 18 and above) suffers from some kind of diagnosable mental illness. Some of the most common mental disorders or mental illnesses are Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Eating disorders and depression.

Factors Leading to Mental Illness

Some of the most common factors that lead to some mental disorders or mental illness among the American people are:
  • Inherited Traits: According to experts, biological factor is one of the most common factors that can lead to mental illness or disorders. Studies shows that mental disorder and diseases are more common among people whose blood relatives have a history of mental illness. Researchers proved that there are certain genes that can increase the chances of developing any mental illness.
  • During Pregnancy: Alcohol consumption is very among the Americans. Studies show that mothers, who are exposed to infections and diseases, and who fails to discontinue the consumption of drugs and alcohol during their pregnancy, can develop mental illness in fetus. Studies shows that exposure to severe trauma or psychological stress, infections, conditions of famine, and gestational exposure to drugs and alcohol during pregnancy can affect some areas of neurodevelopment, which in-turns can restrict neuroplasticity.
  • Use of Drugs and Alcohol Addiction : For many Americans, alcohol and drugs are instruments of relaxation. But in reality, alcohol is very bad for your physical as well as for your mental health. Use of alcohol and drugs can create chemical imbalance in your brain. Alcohol might make you less anxious, or can make you relax but in reality it depresses the part of brain which is associated with inhibition. The use of alcohol and drugs can affect your mood. You might start responding aggressively. Use of alcohol and drugs can also disturb your sleep and make you feel tired the whole time. Use of alcohol and drugs can also lead an individual to behave impulsively. Surveys show that people who are often brought to the hospitals to be treated for self-inflicted wounds, are alcoholic and are mental patients.
  • Self-esteem: What an individual thinks about himself also plays a vital role in the quality of his life and his mental health. Experts say that both, a high self-esteem level or a low self-esteem level, are detrimental to mental health. Self-esteem problem is very common among school going American children. Surveys showed that bullying at schools affects children’s mental health very negatively. Such children are often found suffering from depression.
  • Financial conditions: Nowadays, according to experts and studies, the financial condition of an individual is directly linked with his mental health. A recently conducted survey showed that as compared to the people of high economic class, people of lower economic class are more likely to get a mental illness. Inability to consume the necessities and unemployment can lead to a number of mental illnesses and disorders. Nowadays in America, financial conditions and poverty is a very common reason behind suicide attempts.
The government of the United States of America is very working seriously to improve the mental health conditions in America.