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Mental Health Definition- How Doctors Describe It

mental health definition
As described by doctors and experts, mental health is not merely the absence of any mental illness or any mental disorder, but it is also an individual’s state of well-being where he is able to realize his capabilities and abilities, is able to deal efficiently with normal stresses in his life and is working efficiently and productively.

Misconceptions About Mental Health And Mental Illness

No doubt that mental health is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. Talks like ‘a person suffering from any mental disorder or illness can never get normal’, ‘People who suffer from any mental illness should be locked down in institutions’, etc. But is this all true? Is mental illness is really not curable? The answer is No. with the advancement in the medical field, today almost all mental illnesses are treatable and curable. A number of researches and studies conducted showed that that among 5 people, at least 2 suffers from some kind of mental illness or mental disorder. Some of the most common mental disorders or phobias found among people are:
  • Anxiety Disorder- People who suffer from anxiety disorder fail to respond appropriately to the situation. Such people respond to certain situation or object with dread and fear. People suffering from anxiety disorder also show some physical signs of nervousness or anxiety, sweating and fast heartbeat. Anxiety disorders includes post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder and some other specific phobias. Anxiety disorder is curable. Depending upon an individual’s preferences and problem, anxiety disorders are treatable through medications and some specific kinds of psychotherapy.
  • Mood Disorder- In mood disorders an individual suffer fluctuation of feelings. In one minute an individual might be extremely happy while in the very next minute the same individual might feel extreme sadness. Some of the most commonly found mood disorders are mania, depression and bipolar disorder. Mood disorders are also curable and treatable. Doctors and experts advice different kinds of treatment, including medications and therapy, to treat mood disorders.
  • Eating Disorders- Eating disorders are unhealthy and abnormal eating habits. In this condition, an individual might intake insufficient food, or intake excessive amount of food. Both the cases, excessive or insufficient food consumption, can lead to a number of health problems. People who suffer from eating disorders often complain about dehydration, malnutrition, Hyponatremia, Edema, etc. But again, eating disorders are also curable and treatable. A doctor or an expert may advice some specific kind of psychotherapy, and some nutritional counseling to cure and treat eating disorders.
In order to fully understand the concept of mental health, one needs to understand that there are many types of mental illness and not every mental illness or mental disorder is complete madness. One needs to understand that treatment of mental illness is possible these days and locking down people who suffer from any mental disorder is not the solution. Mental health problems are curable and after the treatment, the mentally ill patient can get back to his normal life.