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Most Bizarre And Strange Addictions

Strange Addictions
Every person is different and unique with her or his own little fancies and quirks. But there are few people who exceed all the limits to pursue their strange addictions. Experts define different addictions in different ways Following are just a few weird addictions that people have around the world:


While most of the people long for that sun-kissed glow, those who are tanorexics are obsessed about getting the tan. The basic purpose of getting a tan is to get a nice skin tone. Some people like to get tanned and there are also some who panic the very moment their skin turns a shade pale. But for tanning addicts, the results are more important as compared to the entire process of tanning. They rush to the tanning booth or to the beach every moment they can. People addicted to tanning also keep a keen eye on the schedules so that they never miss an appointment. Even unappealing shades of the brown makes them happy and satisfied. Dangers of the excessive tanning include skin aging, dehydration and skin cancer.

Hair Pulling

People get addicted to pull out their hair; a little difficult to believe but there are some who actually do it. This condition is called trichotillomania and those who are afflicted with it have an uncontrolled need for pulling their own hair for hours and hours, causing bald spots. Surprisingly, this condition is common as 5% of the Americans are compulsive hair pullers; also including children who are even 12 months old. These statistics are grossly underestimated as most of the people tend to cover up and hide their bald patches with make-ups, wigs or caps. As much as this addiction would be socially embarrassing, but it would be painful as well.


Most of the puzzling addictions actually fall under the category of eating things that are not food. Pica is the addiction of eating the non-food items whereas Geophagia is the addiction of eating the earthy materials like soil, clay etc. They are not just bizarre, but some of the addictions are fatal too. Such addictions can include:
  • Eating ashes
  • Eating buttons
  • Eating clay
  • Eating chalk
  • Eating clay
  • Eating coal
  • Eating dirt
  • Eating coins
  • Eating feces
  • Eating rocks
  • Eating nails
  • Eating paper towl/toilet paper or other paper items
The psychology behind such addictions is not that clear and are not included in the list of common addictions. It is believed that these addictions begin when something is missing from the diet of the addict so they eat the non-food items as an attempt for correcting that imbalance; which is quite an abnormal thought itself.

Addiction To Chewing Ice Cubes

There are some who are addicted to chewing ice cubes for getting the nutrients that their bodies lack. People who have this addiction, also known as the Pagophagia disorder, feel intense cravings for chewing the ice-frozen water having zero nutritional value. What they do not understand is the fact that chomping on the hard, cold ice can damage their teeth, besides annoying family members and friends with the loud crushing sounds and insatiable, constant demand for ice. This can lead to anemia that fuels Pagophagia and then the constant chewing of ice cause decreased consumption of the iron-rich food. People have been reported to get hospitalized for having such strange addictions.