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Okra- The Low Calorie Power Food

Submitted by Saraomran on Wed, 01/15/2014 - 19:01
Okra s is also called as "lady's finger". Among vegetables, okra is very popular especially in Asian countries. Its plant is commonly cultivated in regions with warm temperatures. This vegetable can be eaten cooked as well as raw. It can be stir-fried or steamed to reduce green taste. It should be used when it s tender as okra gets more fibrous as it gets older.

Health Benefits Of Okra

Okra is high in nutrients and low in calories. It is a very good source of various minerals and vitamins. Although some people may not like taste of this vegetable but it is very beneficial for health and a great medicinal vegetable. Some of the health benefits of this amazingly nutritious vegetable are:

Okra Prevents Anemia

Okra contains various essential nutrients for an over good health. It helps in the production of red blood cells and therefore prevents anemia.

Bone Health With Okra

Okra contains calcium along with other elements which are important for boosting the bone health and maintaining strong bones. It also contains folate which helps in preventing age-related disease like osteoporosis.

Okra Prevents Cancer

High amount of antioxidants in okra are very beneficial in preventing the formation of free radicals. Such formation of free radicals is a factor which leads to cancer by aiding in formation of cancerous cells. Regular intake of okra helps preventing colon cancer.

Fight Asthma With Okra

Okra contains vitamin C content in sufficient amount which helps in reducing the asthmatic attacks.

Okra Lowers Cholesterol

The presence of soluble fiber in okra makes this vegetable very useful. Fiber helps in lowering the cholesterol levels and thus it reduces the heart diseases risk and atherosclerosis.

Prevent Constipation With Okra

The mucilaginous content and rich fiber in okra helps ensuring easy bowel movements. With the natural laxative content in okra, it regulates bowel movements therefore preventing constipation.

Okra Prevents Diabetes

The insulin-like properties of okra help in reducing the blood sugar level and prevent diabetes and related problems.

Gut Flora And Okra

The fiber n okra helps in improving population of the beneficial bacteria in gut.

Okra Boosts Immune System

The high amount of vitamin C content makes okra an important immune booster vegetable. It reduces and prevents various infections and diseases like flu, cough and cold.

Okra Heals Peptic Ulcers

Okra contains mucilaginous content which provides temporary coating to digestive tract and the stomach lining and heals the peptic ulcers.

Pregnancy And Okra

Okra is also beneficial for expecting mothers as the folate content in this vegetable helps in preventing the chances of defects in neural tube of the babies.

Eye Health With Okra

It contains beta-carotenes along with antioxidants which help in preventing problems like glaucoma and cataract.

Nutritional Facts Of Okra

Amount- 100 grams
  • Calories- 22
  • Protein- 4%
  • Dietary Fiber- 10%
  • Total Carbohydrate- 2%
  • Vitamin A- 6%
  • Calcium- 8%
  • Vitamin C- 27%
  • Folate- 11%
  • Vitamin E- 1%
  • Potassium- 4%
  • Vitamin K- 50%
  • Manganese- 15%
  • Thiamin- 9%
  • Niacin- 4%
  • Riboflavin- 3%
  • Iron- 2%
  • Vitamin B6- 9%
  • Pantothenic Acid- 2%
  • Phosphorus- 3%
  • Copper- 4%
  • Magnesium- 9%
  • Zinc- 3%
  • Selenium- 1%
%DV is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Including vegetables in regular diet makes a great impact on overall health.