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The PSA Test For Men's Health

Mens health
The PSA test sometimes is good to be done to ensure mens health. It can detect early signs of the prostate cancer. This test, which may be done at GP surgery, measures level of Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in blood. The Prostate-specific antigen is made by prostate gland. And depending upon your age and health of the prostate, some of it is going to be leaked into your blood.

Before Having The PSA Test

If you are going to have this test done; you:
  • Should not be suffering from a urinary infection
  • Must not have ejaculated in last 48 hours
  • Must have not exercised heavily in last 48 hours
  • Did not have a prostate biopsy within the last 6 weeks
  • Did go through digital rectal examination in last 7 days
Each f the above mentioned problems may give an incorrect PSA reading.

What Happens After You Get Tested?

There are usually following 3 main options after PSA test.

Normal PSA Level

You are not likely to have cancer if your test shows that the PSA level is normal and not raised. You don’t need to take any immediate action while it is always a good idea to consider tips to reduce risk of prostate cancer. You might have to get further PSA tests later in your life though. However, PSA test does not always indicate prostate cancer. Approximately, 1 in 7 men over the age of 55 years having normal PSA level may have prostate cancer.

A Slightly Raised Level Of PSA

2 out of 3 men who have a slight raise in PSA level shall not have indications or chances of prostate cancer. So, if the test results show that your PSA level tends to be slightly raised or higher than normal, probably you don’t have the cancer but you may need further tests which also include more PSA tests.

Raised PSA Level

1 out of 3 men who have raised PSA level would have prostate cancer. Also, certain nutritious foods can be included in diet to avoid risks. Higher the PSA level, higher the chance of having cancer. If your level of PSA is raised definitely not just slightly, your general physician will arrange you an appointment with the specialist in order to get more tests done for proper diagnosis. Doctor may also suggest you to have digital rectum examination done to check if you are likely to have prostate cancer. Such examination is not a substitute for PSA test as it does not detect many of the early cancers. Your doctor shall also consider your family history of such cancer and your age with ethnic background and previous PSA test reports if any.

The Pros Of PSA Test

  • If test result comes to be normal, it will reassure you.
  • It may provide you with an indication before any symptoms of cancer develop.
  • It may detect cancer at early stages when it can be cured through treatment.
  • If it detects cancer early, you may get successfully treated and avoid the risk of advanced forms of cancer.
  • In case of advanced cancer, the treatment shall extend your life.

The Cons Of PSA Test

  • There is a chance that it misses cancer and give false reassurance.
  • It may lead you to unnecessary medical tests when cancer or related symptoms are not there.
  • It does not tell you any difference between slow and the fast growing cancer.
  • It may get you worried about showing results of slow-growing cancer which may never cause such symptoms or makes your life short. Mens health can be affected by such worries.