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Raspberry- A Sweet Delight For Health

Submitted by Saraomran on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 17:32
Raspberries are undoubtedly one of the healthiest fruits around the world. These small sized sweet treats are delicious to eat and contain various essential nutrients which are useful in boosting your health. It contains phytonutrients, iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc and etc. raspberries are used in various dessert recipes for flavor and toppings. The best thing about this fruit is that it can be enjoyed raw as well as in desserts and ice-cream flavors. These are various health benefits of raspberries some of which are:

Raspberries Increase Immunity

Raspberries are beneficial in promoting the function of your immune system. They contain good amounts of vitamin C content which is an essential nutrient for boosting the immune system. Vitamin C in raspberries also helps in combatting the signs and symptoms of cold and flu. It is also beneficial in fighting against various infections.

Fight Cancer With Raspberries

Raspberries are effective in fighting against cancerous cells due to the rich antioxidant content. Raspberries contain vitamin A, vitamin C and Carotenes which have anti-cancerous effects on the person who consumes this fruit. Cancer is caused by the production of free radicals in your body. The free radicals are formed in your body due to the oxidative stress. The antioxidants in raspberries neutralize the effect of free radicals and therefore protect from cancer.

Eye Health With Raspberries

Inclusion of raspberries in routine diet improves vision. As this fruit provides antioxidants in huge amounts, it protects your retina of eye from the oxidative stress. The vitamin content in raspberries also helps in maintaining good eye health. Raspberries are effective in preventing macular degeneration and loss of vision.

Prevent Aging With Raspberries

Nowadays, early signs of aging have become common sue to increased pollution, smoke, stress and UV rays. All these factors stimulate oxidation stress and produce free radicals in your body. Such free radicals are very harmful and cause early aging. The huge amounts of antioxidants in raspberries neutralize the free radicals and thus prevent the signs of early aging.

Raspberries For Diabetics

Raspberries stimulate body to produce adiponectin in order to maintain insulin levels in diabetic patients. Thus it controls the blood sugar levels and prevents the related complications.

Raspberries For Weight Loss

They contain raspberry ketone which is found to be effective in burning fat of the abdominal area fast and easy. It is very effective in weight reduction as it reduces capacity of body to absorb the excess fat.

Raspberry For Cardiovascular Health

Raspberries are very rich in potassium. They help in maintaining the blood pressure and heart beats. Being rich in copper, this fruit also increases production of the red blood cells.

Nutritional Facts Of Raspberries

Amount- 100 grams
  • Calories- 52
  • Protein- 2%
  • Total Carbohydrate- 4%
  • Total Fat- 1%
  • Dietary Fiber- 26%
  • Vitamin A- 1%
  • Manganese- 34%
  • Vitamin C- 44%
  • Calcium- 2%
  • Vitamin E- 4%
  • Thiamin- 2%
  • Vitamin K- 10%
  • Riboflavin- 2%
  • Vitamin B6- 3%
  • Niacin- 3%
  • Folate- 5%
  • Pantothenic Acid- 3%
  • Iron- 4%
  • Phosphorus- 3%
  • Magnesium- 5%
  • Potassium- 4%
  • Copper- 4%
  • Zinc- 3%
%DV is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Inclusion of delicious fruits like raspberries in regular diet does not only add sweetness to your day but boosts your health also.


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