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Sedation Dentistry- How It Can Be Helpful

Sedation dentistry
You should take a look on all available pharmacological options in dentistry in order to cope up with dental anxiety if you are of opinion that only a dentist and certain psychological techniques alone would not be workable for you. These are not at all recommended to be used instead of a caring dentist, but just an addition to it. You should trust your gut feeling while choosing the method that is right for you. Some people term sedation as solution to overcome the dental anxiety, but it is seen that not many people and their family dentists consider or prefer idea of sedation.

Usefulness Of Sedation

  • IV sedation can be the right method for you if you do not want to have awareness about what is happening during the dental procedure and you wish to stay out of it.
  • Laughing gas-It can give you pleasant and a relaxed feeling in case you are looking for a little help in relaxing.
  • Your gut feeling is telling you that sedation would aid you and enable you to get your dental work done which in other case you think you could not tolerate.
  • You have a procedure specific fear (e.g. extractions and needles), especially if you think that such fear would exist even in presence of your empathetic dentist and sufficient pain control.
  • You perceive that your fears are completely irrational and are not helped by any psychological techniques or even an empathetic dentist.
  • You have certain other problems related to mental health and you have a feeling that you would get benefit from sedation.
  • Your prime goal is to have your teeth fixed right away without wasting any time, most people who are very busy or have important event scheduled opt for sedation in dental treatment.
  • It is an unpleasant or invasive procedure.

Sedation- Not For Everyone

Sedation is not for everyone. It is especially not for you if:
  • Trust and control are major issues for you.
  • You are of opinion that sedation will make life easier of your dentist, for instance because you fear they will get angry or frustrated with you.
  • You feel that you would get benefit from gentler approach which involves being talked through the procedures, using stop signals and going at the pace you want.
  • You have a feeling that you are being bullied into taking sedation.
  • You have a fear of drugs which dentists use for sedation or an extreme dislike for it.
  • You are worried that sedation may interfere with your ability to talk and communicate concerns with your dentist during procedure.

Kinds Of Dental Sedation

Following three are most common kinds of sedation which are offered:
  • Inhalation sedation (also called as Laughing gas, nitrous oxide and relative analgesia)
  • Oral sedation (for e.g. anti-anxiety pills)
  • Intravenous sedation (drugs administered in blood-stream through vein)
None of the above mentioned methods for sedation include any medication which would make you sleep, even though the advertisements which say "sleep dentistry" usually refer to the oral or intravenous sedation. Only anaesthesia has the ability to put to sleep. There is no doubt that dental sedation works fabulous for some people who do not wish to be fully aware of the procedure or wish to escape the pain during such procedure. Some of the dentists opt for it when undergoing any dental procedure. But in dentistry, sedation is not meant for everyone and people should not be pushed to go for it. Click here to find out how apples make your teeth stronger