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Staying Safe With The Archery Addictions

Archery is an addictive and fun sport this is thoroughly enjoyed by various people around the world. What some people do not realize is the fact that it can be a deadly addiction too especially if you are not careful enough. The archery addictions are very dangerous if you do not keep safety in your mind. Archery addiction is not included in list of common addictions however, getting addiction to this sport can also be dangerous. There are many people who get injured every year; from not knowing much about the dos and don’ts of shooting the bows or from being careless. Archery is something that needs to stay as a game, not an addiction. The most important thing is to keep yourself and the others around you safe from getting severely injured.

Archery Addiction- How It Can Be Harmful For You & Hurt Others

  • Drawing the bow- A lot of individuals draw their bows back and aim them way up in air for making it easier to draw them. This is especially done by people who try to pull a little too much weight or the beginners at archery. The basic problem of drawing the bows in such a way is the fact that the release you use in actually mechanical and it is known to usually let go randomly. In other words, it means that if you are drawing the bow and the release mistakenly misfires, the arrow would launch off into the open sky where no one can tell where it would hit while coming down.
  • Never dry fire a bow- It happens most of the time and it is among the causes of the bow damage. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you never shoot your bow without a loaded arrow. When bows are shot without the arrows, the cams/axles and limbs are thrown back more violently with lot of force which often causes the damages like bent axles/cams, cracked limbs, broken cables and strings, and more seriously the potential broken parts which may come back towards you and hit you.
  • Bow is not a toy- Bow is not something to be played with as it can cause serious injuries resulting to life-long illnesses and even death. You should always make sure about your target and its ability for stopping the arrow, before firing your bow. It is especially important for the hunters when they go out in the late evenings or early mornings. If you are not certain about the target, simply do not shoot or else you would end up creating problems for yourself.
  • It does not matter how less the damage is, but never shoot damaged bows. When the arrow shoots out, it carries a lot of stress with it. If there are splinters or stress cracks or any other structural damage to arrow shaft, it could shatter upon firing and send several carbon fiber pieces sailing into your hands and arms.
Apart from everything, you should get a license that gives you legal permission for carrying out archery. It is for the best of your health and safety that you should do not let archery become your addiction. There are several cases that have showed that archery addictions were nothing more than a big mistake for some people.