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Unhealthy Bodybuilding Habits For Men

Unhealthy bodybuilding habits for men
Bodybuilding can be really fruitful to enhance mens health. But is this the only reason responsible for the increasing trend of bodybuilding these days? The answer is no.
To avoid being called out as fat, skinny or weak is what encourages men to gear themselves up for bodybuilding. It’s true that bodybuilding makes you look smart and strong, but some bad and unhealthy bodybuilding habits can also cause harm.

Unhealthy Body Building Habits

Some of the most common unhealthy body building habits, that can cause harm, are:-
  • Skipping stretching- Warm ups or stretching can be boring, but skipping them can be really bad for your health. Experts and trainers recommend stretching for at least 10min. before and after workout, as stretching and warm ups helps your body muscle to relax, become flexible and increase your range of motion. People who skips stretching before staring exercises often complains about strains and sprain, which are caused by the overstretching, excessive muscle contractions, and overuse of tendons and intense muscles. A proper warm up can save you from all such injuries.
  • Skipping food before workout- Usually people think that if you workout with an empty stomach, your body will automatically start using fat reserves in your body, as a fuel to charge you up for workout. Studies and researches have rejected this theory. Working out with an empty stomach can cause dizziness, and in some serious cases loss of consciousness. Human body always uses carbohydrates as fuel to charge you up during training. Experts and trainers recommend consumption of easily digestible food like fruits, rice, whole-grain bread or vegetable, at least 30 min. before workout.
  • Ignoring injuries- People often consider sprain and strain as small injuries and try to ignore them during work out. As strains and sprain can get serious so you should immediately stop your workout and take rest. It is good to consult a doctor about your injury. A doctor can examine the injured part of your body, look for tenderness and swelling, can advise you to wear a splint, and may wrap the injured part with a bandage to provide extra support and to reduce swelling. The doctor may also recommend the application of a cold pack to the injured area, with some medicines to reduce pain.
  • Overtraining- Obsession, can harm you the worst. It is very important to keep a balance between your training days and your rest days. In obsession working out beyond your body ability and capacity and not resting enough can cause some serious joint’s and muscle’s injuries. Overtraining can lead to depression, moodiness, anxiety, fatigue, weight loss, upset stomach and nausea as well. After workout you should feel energetic instead of feeling fatigued. And if you do feel fatigued and tired, then give adequate rest to your body and mind.
  • Steroids- Researches and studies show that the use of steroids, even for a very short period of time, can harm your health very badly. Steroids can weaken your immune system which increases risk of infections. Steroids can also damage your liver and kidney. Use of steroids also raises the risk of heart diseases as steroids can raise your cholesterol level and blood pressure.
All in all, bodybuilding can enhance mens health only if it is done with great care. It is always better to work out under the supervision of a trainer who can guide you to the best. If you feel any pain or notice any other oddity, then try to seek advice from an expert or a doctor about your problem. besides working out, there are various nutritious foods for men's health that should be included in diet to maintain a healthy body.