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Xtreme Addictions Around The World

Xtreme Addictions
Addictions like alcohol and smoking are official addictions but sometimes people around the world have the craziest addictions that you have no idea about. They cross all their limits and go beyond the line of sanity. Some of the xtreme addictions are stated below:

Video Games- People Actually Died From This

The video games have gained more popularity now than ever. Online multiplayer from the home, consoles equipped with the motion detection, and an unlimited variety of the games have significantly boosted presence of the games in our lives. But there is a darker side to playing video games too; the increase of crimes and deaths that could directly be attributed to the addiction of video games. There are several case reported where the adults have actually murdered each other over petty game-related disputes. A few suicides are also documented of the people who killed themselves after losing a ‘vital’ item in the games. Some have died of even exhaustion as they forgot to do everything else and just sat in front of the computer for non-stop 3 or 4 days straight until they lost the game of life with heart failures.

Body Modifications- Tattoos, Cosmetic Surgery & Piercings

Those who are not addicted to the plastic surgery seem satisfied after the procedure; the addicts on the other hand think, let’s have another one- and another, then another- until they think they look perfect. It can also be the outcome of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Other addictions of body modifications include tattoos and piercings. The piercing list is pretty long and absurd where the addicts punch holes in different parts of their bodies or stretch the earlobes for fitting different items. On the other hand, the tattoos can get pretty perturbing and weird too like tongue and eyeball tattoos.

Inhalants- Voluntary Retardation

Inhalant addiction is rare, but its side effects are really terrifying. Inhalants are the cans of duster that are made to clean the electronics, or fumes emitted from the glue. Contents of such cans contain the chemical, nitrous oxide. Due to its freezing effects, it can actually crystallize lungs when inhaled. The effects of the inhalants are short-lived and intense and include feelings of ecstasy, dizziness, uncontrollable laughter, hallucinations, and blacking out.

Funeral Addiction

Addiction of funerals has no specific named coined for it as the term ‘funeral addiction’ is pretty much self explanatory. It is where a person constantly feels the need to go to the funerals on regular basis, or in some case, several times in a single day.

Animal Hoarding Addiction

Very few people have heard about the animal hoarders. The animal hoarders collect lots and lots of animals, mostly in their homes. They live in the most crowded living conditions. Not only are the conditions unfit for the humans but also for the animals.

Hyalophagia- Addiction Of Eating Glass

Hyalophagy or Hyalophagia is the addiction of eating glass. It is a pathological disorder primarily and is considered as a kind of pica as well. It is a highly dangerous addiction and by no means is safe or healthy for a human body as the sharpness of glass may wound intestines, stomach and the throat while passing through the human system. This is one of the xtreme addictions around the world and definitely excluded from the list of common addictions .